Personalized Videos

With our Personalized video solutions we provide our clients end to end marketing automation solutions with a personal touch to properly communicate your brand message. Our personalized videos use artificial intelligence to create high quality engaging videos without the need of a film crew and studio equipment. 

When paired with email and text message marketing, we use our technology to communicate your brand message, attract leads, and engage existing customers meeting them where they spend over 80% of their time, on their mobile device. This cutting edge technology boosts open rate of up to 96% and conversion rate well above industry average. The cherry on top is provided by our AI Chatbots that work to communicate with you customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that an opportunity is never missed.

The Swyph team takes pride in knowing that we can consistently deliver solutions to our clients' most pressing problems using technology to ensure that B2C communication is seamless.

Corporate Training

Meet the corporate training goals by personalizing videos to communicate your organization’s ethics, philosophies, practices, culture and mandated policies across large gatherings, and move away from boring presentations!

Other Use Cases

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Learning Solutions
  • Online Cources
  • Corporate Communications in Spanish, Mandarin & many more languages

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